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Fat Cow Database

FatCow comes with a great database plan when you choose them for your web hosting. Using databases for website is one of the most popular methods of powering a website today.

This page is going to help you understand the FatCow database options that are made available to you when you choose FatCow for your web hosting needs.

FatCow Database Management

FatCow database management is one of the easiest database management experiences that you will ever have the opportunity to take advantage of.

FatCow database management is mainly powered within the FatCow control panel. You can easily see how many databases you’re using, the information pertaining to each particular FatCow database, and much, much more.

FatCow Database Speed

Whether you know it or not, the server that you use for your FatCow database plays a major factor when it comes to FatCow database functionality.

Simply put, if you’re on a high speed server that has a great connection, your FatCow database will load at the speed of light. Don’t take us the wrong way. This is always the case over at FatCow web hosting.

Now let’s take a look at what can happen in a negative manner. If your database is sitting on a slow server, your database will take forever to load up causing your users to start diminishing steadily.

You can expect your FatCow database to operate at its maximum speed, because FatCow knows how to keep up high speed servers and keep their customers going at the speed of light.

FatCow Database Allocated Amount

You are allowed an unlimited amount of FatCow databases. This is great when you need to have the room to grow your website(s) to using several MYSQL databases. Not many web hosting providers will provide you with this remarkable database benefit.

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