Activate Fat Cow Web Hosting Coupon

The FatCow control panel is a customized version of vdeck. Vdeck is used by a lot of the major web hosting providers, but FatCow took on the task of making it unique to their web hosting.

The FatCow control panel is very easy to use, no matter what your skill level may be when it comes to web development/web hosting.

This page will help you better understand the FatCow control panel so that you can see for yourself how easy and powerful the FatCow control panel truly is.

Software Installation Made Easy

The FatCow control panel makes it a very easy task to install various web applications such as WordPress and phpBB. With just a few clicks, your software will be installed automatially.

Here is some of the software that the FatCow control panel lets you install with one click:

  • WordPress (The most popular blogging software in the world!)
  • phpBB (A very simple forum software.)
  • Joomla (An extensive content management system.)
  • GBook (Provide your visitors with the opportunity to sign your guest book.)
  • Many more pieces of popular software is made available with the FatCow control panel.

Need to upload your website files?

You can easily do this within the FatCow control panel by using the built-in file manager which is so easy to use that a toddler could do it!

Need to go advanced?

The FatCow control panel allows you to use advanced programming languages commonly used within the web development industry.

Need help getting started?

FatCow is there to help you when it comes to getting started with the FatCow control panel. There is plenty of information located within their knowledge base and when you need something that’s not there, you can rest assured the Moo Crew is always there to help you out.

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Activate Fat Cow Web Hosting Coupon