One thing that I often find myself using on a regular basis is the webmail access that’s provided by my web hosting provider. Sure, I am link up the wazoo with messengers link to multiple e-mail accounts, but keep in mind that I operate tons of websites, so logging in with webmail is the best way for me to access website-specific e-mails.

So, what does Blue Host webmail consist of? It’s time to find out!

Start it off with picking one of the three Blue Host webmail apps.

The folks over at Blue Host provide their customers with the opportunity to pick from three of the most popular webmail solutions around. Easily access these webmail programs their the Blue Host web hosting control panel.

Unlimited Emails YAY!

Every website that I operate usually has its own e-mail address. At least, the authority sites of the bunch do for sure. I have to have unlimited e-mail capabilities with my web hosting or I’m just going to freak out, it’s as simple as that. Blue Host offers their customers with unlimited e-mail address. I have to admit that this features is FULL OF AWESOMENESS!

Don’t worry, Blue Host webmail is highly secure!

The folks over at Blue Host aren’t going to let their customers be the victim of malicious attacks via the webmail application. Instead, rest easy knowing that your webmail is completely safe.

Last but not least, the unlimited hosting comes in handy.

I don’t know about you personally, but I know that I get tons of e-mail addresses and over time this takes up a lot of my web hosting space. In order to prevent that, I went with unlimited hosting like you find at Blue Host to ensure that I will always have enough storage space to securely store all of my e-mails.

Signing Up With Blue Host

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