One thing that you should look at when considering web hosting is what kind of traffic your website can push while staying within the limits set by your web hosting provider. You don’t want your website to start seeing its potential and then becoming suspended due to resource overages. Or worse, get an outrageous bill for the overages that your increased amount of traffic caused.

Blue Host is one of the more popular hosts around, so what do they offer in terms of traffic?

Unlimited Traffic

That’s right, you’re not reading it wrong! When you sign up for hosting over at Blue Host, they don’t set a bandwidth limit which means you don’t have to worry about any traffic overages. This is one thing that makes them a preferred host in the industry, as only a handful will truly offered unlimited inbound/outbound traffic on their web hosting plans.

Sounds like Blue Host is meant to let you scale, is that true?

I won’t say that Blue Host shared web hosting is the equivalent to dedicated server hosting, because it’s not and that won’t ever happen. However, for websites in their beginning days, it provides webmasters with the opportunity to grow before they have to upgrade to a more intensive hosting package.

If you use a lot of resource, beyond what shared hosting can provide you with, looking at another host is the best option for you considering Blue Host only provides shared web hosting plans.

Feeling the itch to give Blue Host a try?

Just use the special Blue Host link that I provided for you below, it will take you to the cheapest pricing that they currently have on hosting with these folks. When you sign up, you can come back here to Web Hosting Billboard to take advantage of the many simplistic learning opportunities that await you, including our FREE website creation video course. 🙂