This is one thing that I’m going to explore with you right here on Web Hosting Billboard. We always want to be the first ones to know if Blue Host sucks, or if any host sucks for that matter. 🙂

Of course, we can’t always rely on just one source for our information, so you can find up continuously digging through the tons of pages on the internet trying to see what the deal is for ourselves. Blue Host just happened to be one of those lucky hosts to get our attention while we were on the prowl.

Why do people say that Blue Host sucks?

I think this is honestly a side effect of being a dominant web hosting provider like Blue Host has been for several years. Many people won’t get the results that they expect, and Blue Host is automatically chosen as the cause of that problem.

To be honest, sure there are going to be some bad experiences that consumer face when dealing with Blue Host. The world that we live in is not perfect. Whether or not it’s serious enough to have you looking at another host to provide you with the web hosting solution that you’re in need of is something that you will come to senses about by the end of this post. 😉

What’s the reality of this situation?

The reality is that while Blue Host may not be THE BEST HOST, they are far from being the worst web hosting provider that has ever walked the face of this earth. They do provide a pretty good value when it comes to web hosting and I have honestly used them in the past for some smaller projects?

Will I use them again? Well, since I’m technically inclined, I have no problem using Blue Host if I ever need them in the future for anything else that I may find myself doing.

If you want to save money with Blue Host, use the special link below. One you get signed up, come back here for your FREE website creation video series, presented by Ian. He’s the best guy to have on your side when it comes to creating an astonishing internet presence in as little time as possible. 🙂