SSH is usually required by more experienced webmasters who want to be able to login to their website via a command line. This command line is something like you would have seen when DOS was the only thing installed on a computer.

A lot of web hosting providers will restrict SSH access on their shared web hosting plans due to what they refer to as security reasons. However, this turns off a lot of people who are experienced in the world of web development that absolutely require secure SSH access in order to have full control over the functionality of anything that’s installed on the hosting account.

What’s the deal with Blue Host SSH access? It’s time to find out!

You do get SSH access with your Blue Host account.

A web hosting provider who has been in the business for years is one that can truly understand how much having SSH access can help out  a lot of webmasters. Blue Host has done everything they can to provide their customers with an advanced web hosting environment by denying the opportunity to restrict SSH access on their web hosting accounts.

The SSH access over at Blue Host is highly secure.

One thing that Blue Host is known for is being able to provide a secure web hosting environment for each and every one of their customers. Their team has tons of experience and it really shows. You can expect that the SSH access is secure when you go with a Blue Host web hosting account.

Signing Up With Blue Host

Sure, you could go up there and type the URL in your browser, but that’s a lot more work than just clicking once and being taking to the latest Blue Host offerings which is going to save you the most money on this great web hosting. It’s located for you below.

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