One thing that’s important for any website, whether personal or commercial, is that it’s hosted on SEO friendly hosting. The reason for this is that the main LONG TERM traffic source for any website is going to be through search engine referrals. If your hosting isn’t SEO friendly, you could risk becoming banned by the leading search engines. Nobody wants that to happen!

That’s why I think it’s important to find out up-front if a web hosting provider that’s being taken into consideration is truly SEO friendly. The internet is too fast paced for us to sit back and get banned because of the mistakes made by someone else with a particular web hosting provider.

With Blue Host being one of the older hosts in the industry, I decided to highlight my prove into their hosting and whether or not it is truly SEO friendly.

Their servers don’t seem to be too junked up with crappy sites.

One thing that could hurt your website in the SERPs is if there are spammy sites using the same nameservers as you. This is why it’s important to know that the h0st you choose isn’t going to have a bunch of crappy sites sitting on the same server as you. With Blue Host, their servers seem to be some of the cleanest I have seen from most hosts.

Ramping up your search engine success is the FREE search engine submissions.

Blue Host does care about providing their customers with a value, it’s clearly stated in writing on their official website. One thing that helps prove this is that every new Blue Host web hosting plan comes with free search engine submissions to some of the most visited search engines to ever exist on the internet.

I can truly claim Blue Host as being SEO friendly.

When it comes to being safe when it comes to search engine optimization, Blue Host is one web hosting provider that’s only going to help you when it comes to contributing towards the success of your website’s search engine rankings.

Use the special Blue Host link below to get access to their cheapest prices on hosting. They have a great value, and you can get a FREE website creation course after you sign up. Just come back here to WHB and the sign-up form will be located at the top of the page.