One thing that gets really irritating when it comes to launching a website is manual script installations. I remember back in the day when there weren’t any script installers like Fantastico that came standard with web hosting plans. Boy, were those days BORING!

I’m glad that Fantastico has took the web hosting industry by storm and gotten a majority of web hosting providers to give this to their customers automatically with their web hosting account. It sure takes a lot less aspirin when I use Fantastico instead of installing scripts manually!

Why is Fantastico so awesome?

Fantastico provides you with the opportunity to install a wide variety of the leading website scripts around. In just a click, you’ll have it installed with Fantastico. From forums to blogs, there’s sure to be a piece of software that can be installed by Fantastico which you’ll find to be very beneficial for you. 🙂

How do I access Blue Host Fantastico?

This isn’t a complex situation either! In fact, all you have to do is login to your Blue Host web hosting control panel. Once you’re in, just look for the Fantastico button. Click it and you’ll be taken immediately to the Fantastico section of cPanel to continue with your quick script installations.

Is Blue Host Fantastico secure?

It’s as secure as you can get! There’s no need to worry about hackers getting into your stuff, just because you’re using Fantastico to make your web dev life a little bit easier. In fact, I haven’t ever seen where Fantastico was the cause of malicious hacker attempts.

How do I get more information on Blue Host Fantastico?

Simply go to their official website where you can see all of the scripts included with Fantastico as well as a live demo of the Blue Host control panel with Fantastico. That way you can actually see what you’re getting before you jump to the conclusion of making the purchase, even if it’s useless to you.

You can use the link below to go to the Blue Host website. Then, come back and sign up for our free website creation course that will help you get your site at Blue Host up and running in no time at all!