I think one of the biggest features for any web hosting plan is what it offers in terms of e-mail hosting. After all, e-mail is now one of the most popular forms of communication preferred by many people all around the world.

The demand for having a personalized e-mail address is also seeing an increased amount of popularity. These are just some of the things that urged me to evaluate Blue Host email features right here on Web Hosting Billboard. Let’s take a journey!

Unlimited Email Accounts

This sure comes in handy, as I know webmasters constantly have to use separate e-mail addresses in order to stay halfway organized. Being completely organize is next to impossible, just in case you were wondering. 🙂 By having unlimited e-mail addresses available on your Blue Host account, you just might have found the road to sanity!

Unlimited Space

With an unlimited amount of storage space, you don’t have to worry about your web hosting account getting suspended because you had a lot of e-mails stored in it that caused you to go over the limits set forth by your web hosting provider. This is one Blue Host feature that rocks in my opinion. 🙂

Three Webmail Apps Available

Webmail is an easy way for you to check your e-mail from anywhere that has internet access. There are three great webmail programs that you can choose from for your Blue Host web hosting account.

Other Great Blue Host Email Features

There are many other great email features that these guys give you, but you’ll have to pay them a visit to see them all. The list is massive and they explain it the best. After all, it’s straight from the horse’s mouth when you go to the official Blue Host website. 😉

Ready to take the plunge with Blue Host?

If you’re ready to give the folks over at Blue Host the opportunity to prove that they have what it takes to win over your loyalty, use the special link below that will get you access to their best pricing. Once you sign up, come back here to sign up for your FREE website creation course courtesy of your friends at Web Hosting Billboard. 🙂