When it comes to providing reliable web hosting, this is what really sets hosts apart. There are those hosts that have a HORRIBLE reputation for reliability and then there are those like Blue Host who have proven that they work continuously to ensure the highest state of reliability is what they offer with their web hosting plans.

We’re about to see what the truth is about Blue Host downtime. 🙂

Just like with most hosts, they have had their bad times.

There’s no doubt that Blue Host has received some negative feedback in the past due to minor downtime issues. However, what we see mostly is comments on how reliable Blue Host web hosting really is. While they may not be the most solid host on the block, they definitely strive to minimize any downtime that may occur.

Blue Host offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

This is actually one of the standard uptime guarantees currently being offered in the industry. This means that if you experience any network downtime, they will make it up to you. You’ll have to see the official Blue Host uptime guarantee on their website for the official details, but this is basically the drift of it.

Is Blue Host the most reliable host in the industry?

They aren’t number one, but they sure are trying to earn that spot as I have seen a lot of improvement when it comes to Blue Host mitigating their downtime spouts. I would trust them to host some of my websites, but there are other hosts who have a slightly better uptime record and you can find those featured here on WHB as well.

Signing Up for Blue Host & A FREE GIFT

If you would like to sign up with Blue Host and give them a try for yourself, their link is below. This will get you locked in on the latest offerings from one of the older hosts in the industry. By the way, sign up for your FREE website creation course that’s being offered to all WHB visitors who sign up with Blue Host.