Blue Host is known for providing some pretty decent unlimited web hosting, but do they have hosting that’s friendly enough to be used as database hosting as well? This is something that I’m going to answer for you right here. 🙂

Blue Host comes with unlimited databases!

Do you have a single database or are you wanting to host several large websites that have databases full of content to fill them up? Either way, Blue Host has you covered since they don’t limit how many databases your account can handle.

Blue Host utilizes fast servers, which provides a great database hosting experience.

Blue Host is known for utilizing methods to provide some of the fastest web hosting in the industry. They provide a pretty fair speed which is more than powerful enough to suit your database hosting demands.

Your choice of PostgreSQL databases or MySQL databases.

Both popular forms of databases are support with the web hosting that you can get your hands on over at Blue Host. This provides flexibility when it comes to choosing the one that works the best for you.

Many Other Developer-Friendly Features Included

With Blue Host, they want to make it as friendly as possible to anyone who is taking part in web development. Database hosting is just one of the many features that come standard with this web hosting plan. If you want to get serious, they provide you with the opportunity to go as complex as you need to go in the world of web development.

Blue Host is one of the few web hosting providers who keeps geeks in mind when they’re making the perfect web hosting offering. They keep it simple, yet if you need to go deep, you have the ability to do so!

Save money with Blue Host!

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