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I was talking to a friend and he asked me “should i have to learn all the stuff to be a good web designer?” and thats why i came up with this article to discuss about web design in general.its areas,tools,and web trends etc.

If you are getting started as a web designer or you are in the business for a while and would like to explore more about web design and also interested in finding a field where you would like to specialize then you are at the right place.

I included everything in this article i wish someone has told me by the time i was just getting started.


web design

web design

What is web design? In general web design is the process of creating web pages.Wikipedia defines web design as “web design is the skill of creating presentation of content usually hypertext or hypermedia that is delivered to the end user through the world wide web by a way of web browsers or other web enabled software like internet television ,micro blogging ,and Rss feeds etc .”

There is also a question of what type of content are you interested like:




Interactive contents

Combination of all of the above

It also depends on the functionality of your design like does it involve e commerce,responding to user inputs,pulling data from a database or does it require services to bring data from other websites like face book,twitter through api etc.

Web design can be a pretty big umbrella many new web designer are often overwhelmed by the variety of choices and the amount of knowledge they need to master.

There are so many technologies like HTML,CSS,XML,java script,Ajax,JQuery,Jsp,Php etc.

I often heard people saying that i am a web designer not programmer then why should i learn all those stuff which involve programming?


Web as a big environment and often you need to be an expert in a million things all it once to be a successful web designer. You need to master your crap and to do that you have to spend time in gaining the necessary experience.web design involve graphic designing and i assume that you already know about graphic design if you are not comfortable with graphic design then you have to get started with the process of learning some of the graphic design software.here are some of the important ones:

Adobe Photo shop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Flash

Coral Draw

Now as you are comfortable with the graphic design then it come to web most popular scripting languages HTML & CSS.

Some people of not used to programming or they are some how afraid of it so they keep asking if it is necessary to learn either of the them.in my opinion if you are looking for a career in web design industry then its impossible to have one without learning these languages.

I know there are a lot of software that generate both of them for us like dream weaver etc but still you need to learn them and believe me there is nothing to be afraid of they are very simple.

This is it now if u get to this stage then you are ready to get started as a web designer u can either work as a freelancer or join a some team out there.


As we mentioned earlier web design is a huge industry and technology on the web keep changing and we are always at the learning stage so its all about the journey not the destiny.

Web design can be sub categorized into a number of field i am now going to discuss some of the most important of them:


Interface design encompasses three distinct, but related constructs–usability, visualization, and functionality (Vertelney, Arent, & Lieberman, 1990). Recently, a fourth component of interface design has emerged as a critical factor–accessibility. Interface design is most often associated with the development of Web pages, computer software, and multimedia, but is relevant to the creation of any instructional media or technical equipment.


site design is what mostly people think of when they think of web design as it deals with the actual look of the website. If u are migrating for graphic design this is the most logical place for you to start.


As internet connection has getting faster multimedia and interactive content have become an increasingly important part of web design.consequently interactive design has become one of the largest and fastest growing field in web design.defines as:
the creation and integration of feature-rich interfaces,videos,and blended media.delivered through Ajax,java script,flash,Microsoft silver light, and apple quick time.

As its a vast field so it also require a large amount of skill set so different designer either specialize in one specific area or move to different kind of approach.these are some of the well know skills that falls in this category:




It is the science of organizing and structuring websites it is another area of web design where many individual specialize in and as the web has evolved it has become an increasingly important part of the design process. If you are the type of person who are into planning and organization you can begin specializing your self for a part of a large design firm or freelancer.


Whenever i get started with a new design i worked on the following aspects it is totally my way of doing stuff may be you follow some of your rules but it does matter to me so i am going to discuss them briefly.


I like to have stuff as simple as they can be and believe me simplicity has its own charming look and most of the people like it.Simplicity in website design doesn’t necessarily equate with a minimalist design aesthetic. Simple sites just remove all unnecessary elements from the design, content, and code. While minimalist sites generally fit this criteria, there are plenty of sites that wouldn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered “minimalist” that still fit the definition of simple.


the most important point to start a web design is to know your targeted audience like if you are designing for a sport company then you have to search about what sport website should look like and how a user is gonna like it.


Keep it in mind that you are not just designing for normal user there are a number of users like screen readers,micro blogging users,Rss readers etc and also different user have different choice in browsers so you have to provide an alternate content for all type of users.


It is not necessary to learn all the stuff before starting your career in web designing but just keep exploring a new one in each project.this probably is the best solution.