Professional commitments and even obligations keeps a person from simply enjoying all the stuff he lovs in the world. Be it a TV series, radio shows, movies, music, sports update etc. everyone wanted to get updates, watch them, or listen to them whenever they like. Before it is not possible, but the advancement of technology has made it possible in this modern time through your mobile devices. So check out the top ten entertainment android apps this 2014.

TV Catchup

tv catchup

A free android app that allows you to watch live TV on your android device. You can watch shows from more than 50 channels provided that you have TV license and you are connected to the internet. You can watch all of your favorite shows wherever you are using this app.



 While it is a free app, you still need subscription to use the app. This app gives you free streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies. So as long as you have the app, you can watch all you favorite shows minus the worry of missing any of them.



This is in fact one of the best apps for photo storage. It gives its users a free terabyte of space for you to store your photos. The best thing about this app is that your photos are stored in their original resolution so that the quality is maintained. In addition, this app gives you a number of filters if you wanted to upload an artistic image to social networking sites.

Lapse IT Pro


This app allows keen photographers to create their cool lapse videos by shooting a series of images automatically then collate them. Although this is hard to do using an ordinary camera, but this apps let you do it easily with tools on focus, color effect, flash, scene modes, frame interval, and white balance.




 Although it is initially offered to bring together the brightest minds to discuss design, technology, and entertainment the app has gone a significant improvement since it now covers ‘ideas worth spreading’ wherein the discussion is already extended to global issues, business, and sciences. So if you are looking for an excellent idea to help you out within the day, this app is for you.



This app has a massive variety of graphic novels and comic books coming from the past or the present. This is in fact you one stop shop of reading and buying the latest graphic novels and comic books. Now you can read your comics even if you’re on the move.

BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer

Here is an app that allows you to download a program from BBC then watch it later on your mobile device. You can keep these files for about 30 days but they expires after seven days so that it frees your storage.
Amazon Kindle

You don’t have to own a kindle for you to use the kindle apps. This app allows you to turn your table to an eReader. All you need to do is sign in using your Amazon account and then you can already browse the Kindle store using your device and then of course read the books in high definition and full color. You an even change font sizes and margins using this app.

Tunein Radio

tune in radio

 Using this app lets you access around 70, 000 radio stations. This is best for people who loves listening to music wherever they go. You can even choose a local radio station or even browse stations according to continents. The audio quality is excellent ad buffering is very minimal.

Amazon MP3

Amazon mp3

This is a music streaming apps that gives a huge selection of free songs. The app is connected with Amazon’s Cloud Player that gives you access to all CD albums and MP3’s while allowing you to add up to 250 tracks of your own.

Keeping yourself entertained does not require that you stay in one place for you to enjoy it. Now, with these top ten entertainment android apps this 2014, you will keep yourself entertained with your preferred media. All you need to do is get all the app that suits your need and start enjoying it even if you’re on the move.