WordPress themes come in all shapes and sizes so choosing the best out of the many WordPress themes can be a very difficult thing to do. Most of the themes not only make the WordPress website look good but also make navigation easier.


If you have a WordPress magazine or news website, then this theme is good for you. It gives the website that clean and professional look making your writing, images and videos to stand out. Through its many customization options, you can create a website with a design that pleases you.


This is a very flexible theme that can be used in any website be it a blog, business or corporate website. It is very clean and professional with a fully responsive design. This theme is best to highlight your website to make it more appealing to your visitors.

Blue diamond

This theme works perfectly for a business website. It has that modern style with a very minimalistic look which makes it clean and organized. This theme makes managing of the website very easy because it is very organized from the start.


This theme offers great flexibility and thus can be used for a number of different websites. It gives a website that professional minimalistic and clean look with a very responsive design. Customizing this theme is also very easy even if you have no experience in web development.


If you want a colorful website that is clean and customizable, then this them is perfect for that. It offers great speed and flexibility for any kind of blog. Even though it is very colorful, Glamour theme is very minimal.


As its name suggests, this theme offers a minimalistic look and feel for any kind of website. This theme is perfect if you want your content to shine while still maintaining that clean feel so as not distract your visitors.


This theme is quite clean and elegant making is suitable for any kind of website such as a business or personal blog. This theme makes your website professional and presentable.


If you want to create a simple directory out of your WordPress website, then this theme is good for you. It offers a very clean look and provides your website users with the opportunity to add new listings to your site easily.


Cleanr is a theme offers a very beautiful portfolio coupled with a minimalistic look with a responsive design. It is perfect for any corporate project if you want that beautiful clean and responsive design.  This theme will give users the experience that will make want to come back to your website another day.


This is a very simple WordPress theme that can be used for almost any kind of website. Chameleon offers a normal user loads of customization options that require very little web development experience.

There are loads more WordPress themes that you can use to customize either a personal or business website but these are just the top 10. WordPress customization through themes is based on your own preferences and the general content on your website.