Using WordPress is a first class system and you want to be able to have the best looking site you can.  There are many different options and you will need to consider what best fits your needs. This can be achieved by having different themes and this is just a small collection of some of the best new themes available.



What better option than one that is easily adaptable to the different devices that people will view your site with.  It is easy to adapt and change to meet your needs so you feel that it is unique to yourself.

Annotum base


This style of WordPress theme is based around more scholarly readership and allows you to interact with those around you.  With journal capabilities it is perfect for a tutor needing to connect with students.

Glossy Stylo

 Glossy Stylo

This theme is a classy image with a background that you can set with the writing in a two column layout, but the background slips through almost opaque looking.  This looks is more classic in style and presentation.

Custom Community

 custom comm

Want to stand out from the crowd try custom building your own themed webpage layout. Lots of ideas to choose from in creating what you want and need.



If you are looking for a simple business theme then this might be just for you, it is a simple orange and white theme and easy to use.  It has the classic simple look.



This theme is designed for those who love features as these are rampant on this design.

Eclipse 2


This theme looks ultra-modern and has multiply layout options to please even the most awkward of needs.  It has the ability to be touch responsive and this is a must in these times.

Twenty Eleven

 twenty eleven

Even though this theme has been available for a while it is still very popular choice due to its ability to be adaptable to different clients’ needs and not one to be missed.’



If you were looking for more of the magazine style then this theme is for you.  With it being so new there is limited information on how adaptable it is for different needs.

WP Opulus

 wp opulus

This theme will suit the most demanding of web pages due to the versatility of the theme.  From custom widgets that you can add to an array of different options for various applications and the most important feature is the fact that it is mobile friendly, allowing your readers better viewing options.

The idea of choosing themes for your WordPress blog or web page is one that will blow you away with the amount of choice that is available to you.  You will have to think about what you want and need and then search the available themes to find one that best suits your needs.