There are literary thousands of Joomla Plugins available out there. Selecting the best plugin for your website can be a daunting task. With all the available Plugins, below are just some of them that can help you get started.

Registration form

If your website will allow visitors at some point to give out some information, then this plugin can be very helpful for you. This plugin offers you the much-needed control over your website as it has various options that you may use to create the exact form that you need.

Community builder

This particular plugin lets you build your own social networking community that will have features such as image uploading, user profiles, forum, and newsletter. The amazing thing is that this plugin is so simple to use that one does not require technical skills to use it. If you want to create communities on your Joomla website, do not hesitate to get community builder.


If at some point you tried to add HTML, PHP or JavaScript to Joomla, you know that this is a very difficult process. Through jumi, you will be able to create and integrate new components at the same time ensuring that you easily run JavaScript. Jumi gives you a lot of freedom and choice that you can use to improve your website.


You can make your Joomla website more appealing and interactive by adding jcomments. This plugin is very effective in encouraging interaction as it allows website visitors to comment on your articles and posts or even products. The plugin also gives you control over the comments as you can moderate comments that you think violate the terms of your website.


If your website deals with ecommerce, you may wish to add a complete shopping cart by using the Virtuemart. This plugin is not just another shopping cart plugin but it provides you with the needed control and information about the products bought and the customers who bought them.

Phoca Google adsense easy

If you want to make a few extra bucks from our Joomla website, then adding this plugin can be very beneficial. Through this plugin, you will be able to easily add adsense code anywhere in your website. This plugin makes the process of adding adsense code to your website so simple that anyone with very little programming knowledge can do it. Akee

Akeeba backup

Backing up data is a common thing these days and this is exactly what Akeeba backup will give you for your Joomla website. This plugin gives any owner of a Joomla website the peace of mind as they are assured that their website is safe and can be restored at any time in case of any problems.


If you will be running a blog or any personal website on Joomla that requires constant updating, you will need this plugin. This plugin is very important as Joomla’s own page editor is not very effective and has very limited options to choose from.

Quick content

Building a website can be very stressful especially when it comes to adding sections and categories. Quick content can easily help you add the categories and sections you need for your website.


If you want a good and reliable mailing list for Joomla, then JNews is perfect for you. JNews is very flexible and can be used to manage a number of mailing lists and create appealing emails for your subscribers.