Javascript is a part and parcel of modern day Web 2.0. To ease out building awesome JS powered web application, there is a good number of Javascript frameworks out there. Today we are going to highlight a few of them.


jQuery is one of the most popular and arguably the best one out there. It’s simple, flexible and cross browser compatible. jQuery has come a long way with a well grown and co-operative community to back up.


Prototype is another cool one. It is heavily based on “class based” development philosophy. It is also getting popular day by day.

moo tools

Moo-tools is a nice, modular, compact and fully object oriented Javascript framework. The framework is well documented and the API is coherent. It respects stricts coding behavior.

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo is an Open Source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. Dojo aims to solve some long-standing historical problems with DHTML which prevented mass adoption of dynamic web application development.

Yahoo! User Interface Library

As the name suggests, YUI was written by the Yahoo! engineers and is in use by Yahoo!. It is proven, fast, scalable and open source. It is a collection of utilities and controls used in day to day web development.

Ext JS

Ext JS is widely known for it’s vast collection of widgets. Using Ext JS, we can easily make our web applications look like dessktop apps.