When you least anticipate it, disaster strikes, and you think, if only you would have taken a backup of the site. There are several backup services which your hosts may offer as a premium price but it may be out of your budget. Or maybe you don’t get time to do the backups manually. If you are on cheap server there may be high chances of your files getting lost forever if their server crashes.

So to solve those problems I recommend taking automated backups of your files on daily or weekly basis. There are several scripts and applications which can help you in this task. You can take email backups, remote ftp backups or even local backups automatically after following these steps.


Automate CPanel Backup

If you are using CPanel, it does have backup option but you have to manually do the backups, which is very time consuming if you have several CPanel sites.

Justin Cook has come up with a great and minimal script to do remote ftp backup of the files and can be easily setup using cronjob, Automatic CPanel Backup with cron and PHP or you can also try Cpanel Autmatic Backup by Vanessa .

If you have Curl enabled then you can also use this script, Automatic Cpanel backup via curl and cron.

If you’d like to backup only the MySQL db or email yourself the db I recommend using Peters script. It works for all type of servers, or you can use cron jobs directly.

Automate Plesk Backup

Plesk has inbuilt backup function and, you can find details here.

You can also use scripts mentioned in others sections which works for all type of servers.

There are also many other control panels which can be easily backed up using methods listed in other section.


Automate WordPress Backup

WordPress has several plugins to your rescue I prefer EZPZ One Click Backup or Xcloner , both are great plugins with lots of options and works perfectly.

Automate Joomla Backup

Joomla is also a very popular CMS and I think Xcloner is one of the best extentions of joomla relating to backups, there are also other good alternatives like Akeeba Backup.

Automate PhpBB Backup

Auto Database Backup and Backup Scheduler are two good scripts which can automate backups in phpbb.

Other Automation Options

If your script of control panel is not on the list you need not worry, the following methods work on all types of server which has php .

DB Backup

Files Backup

Premium Backup Tools


There are many great premium backup services, your hosting provider itself will also provide guaranteed backup services for little extra cost. I highly recommend that for small webhosts. But if you have many sites and want to automate all of them or your host is not same you have to look as different solutions.

There are also other scripts software’s available, if you happen to stumble upon something great, or would like to share your experience and views, please do so using the comments.

Daily Automated Website Backup

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