Today, we shall discuss a few common tools and toys used by web developers. Let’s start.

Netbeans IDE For PHP:
Netbeans IDE for PHP is a free IDE for PHP and web development. It’s the best free IDE available for PHP developers. It has awesome code auto completion with syntax highlighting for PHP, CSS and JS. It also supports version controlling and command line tools for common PHP frameworks.

Netbeans IDE is cross OS compatible. Runs fine on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Notepad++ is a cool text editor for Windows. It has pretty syntax highlighting but no code auto completion. It has a bunch of power tools.

Gedit is very popular among Linux users though the editor is cross platform. It has pretty code highlighting and a few cool features.

Vim is the text editor of the geeks. It is fully operable on the command line and usually used on the Terminal. Though it has GUI tools namely GVim, people love it more on the terminal. Vim is complex to get used to, but once you start using it, you customize it for almost anything.

FileZilla FTP Client:
FileZilla is probably the best and the most popular FTP client available to date. It is cross OS and has many awesome features. It’s simple user interface will make you love it.

Putty is a SSH client. If you’re a web developer, you may very often need to SSH to the web server and make a few changes or upload a few files. Putty runs on Windows and makes the task easy for you.

Tortoise SVN:
If you use Subversion, you shall hardly find a more awesome tool than this one. Tortoise SVN integrates into the Windows shell and puts special markers on files and directories to visually aid you.

Git is a distributed version controlling system. If you’re using Git repo (may be on Github?), you should consider using Git to manage the contents.