WordPress is one of my favorite CMS solution, but when i first started using WordPress i was not happy with the code editor as i was used to smart and colorful offline code editors but the one inside WordPress is dull so, i start looking for solution and thanks to the power of WordPress  plugins they solve my problem as there are hundreds of plugins and widgets for code editors.

In this article i come up with 8 of my best WordPress plugins for code editors To be honest, they are all good, it just depends on your needs.

1.Advanced Code Editor:

It Enables syntax highlighting in the integrated themes and plugins source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JS. Effectively edit your themes or plugins when you only have access to a browser, by enabling syntax highlighting in WordPress integrated source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2.Crayon Syntax Highlighter:

A Syntax Highlighter built in PHP and jQuery that supports customizable languages and themes. It can highlight from a URL, a local file or WordPress post text. Crayon makes it easy to manage Language files and define custom language elements with regular expressions. It also supports some neat features like mobile/touchscreen device detection, mouse interactions, toggled plain code, toggled line numbers, tab sizes, error logging and file extension detection just to name a few.


Code Colorer is the plugin which allows you to insert code snippets into the post with nice syntax highlighting.
Plugin based on GeSHi library, which supports most languages.


  • syntax highlighting in RSS feeds
  • syntax highlighting of single line of code (inline)
  • syntax highlighting of code in comments
  • line numbers
  • automatic links to the documentation inserting
  • code block intelligent scroll detection (short code would have short block, for long one block height would be fixed and scroll bar would appear)
  • predefined color themes (Slush & Poppies, Blackboard, Dawn, Mac Classic, Twitlight, Vibrant Ink, Railscasts)
  • syntax colors customization in CSS file
  • code protect from mangling by WordPress (for example, quotes, double-dashes, and others would look just right as you entered)

4.Developer Formatter:

Create a better display of codes on your page/blog. For everybody that publish examples, source-code and some tips about a specific language. This plugin do use of GeSHi highlight system, so you will have support for more then 110 languages, including PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, Python, Delphi, C++, C, Visual Basic and much more.


  • Syntax highlighting with Style attribute enabled.
  • Syntax highlighting using AJAX.
  • Syntax highlighting in RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • Syntax highlighting with PRE tags .
  • Syntax highlighting in comments.
  • Start line number configuration.
  • Hide toolbar for a code block.
  • CSS !important to for better style.
  • New code theme (Summer)

5.Prettify GC Syntax Highlighter:

This plugin has prettify.js copied (unmodified) directly from google-code source browser. So your code will look exactly like it does on google-code. CSS (in a separate file) is slightly modified to embolden keywords and types.

6.WP Code Editor Plus:

WP Code Editor Plus (origionally AE Syntax) has changed its name to match the scope of the project. The project being to replicate the best features of off-line code editing software.


  • Syntax Highlighter
  • JavaScript Code Completion
  • Ability to re size editor via click & drag
  • Options Page
  • Multiple files opened at the same time

7.WP Code Highlight:

WP Code Highlight provides clean syntax highlighting and it is W3C valid. Wrap code blocks with <pre> and </pre> It provides a code button(HTML editor) to help you insert code in articles easily. You can put line numbers in your code if you need. There are 4 highlight themes, you can choose from them or display by random. It can also load wp-code-highlight.css from current wordpress theme directory. WP Code Highlight is fully compatible with wp-syntax style, you can still wrap code like wp-syntax. It can delete its own options, so it is also a green plugin !

8.WP SyntaxHighlighter:

This plugin is code syntax highlighter based on Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter ver. 3.0.83 and 2.1.382.

  • Based on Alex Gorbatchev’s “SyntaxHighlighter” JavaScript library.
  • Including both SyntaxHighlighter 3.0.83 and 2.1.382.(Can switch between 3.0.83 and 2.1.382.)
  • You can operate in the default Visual Editor(TinyMCE), No need to use HTML Editor.
  • Using two buttons, easy to wrap your code in <pre> tag and change options of previously-wrapped code.
  • Easy to highlight code in comments using provided buttons.(WordPress 3.0 or higher)
  • Widget to show highlighted code.
  • Once your code is wrapped in <pre> tag, You can type “tabs” for indent.
  • Support “Dynamic Brush Loading” which allows to load only necessary brush files dynamically.
  • Loading JavaScripts on only posts, pages, home, archives, search results and comments which have the code to highlight.
  • Easy to configure features through the setting panel.
  • Localization: English(Default), 日本語(Japanese, UTF-8).