HTML5 Video Players


Based on jquery, it is one of the best Audio/Video Player available; it helps you easily integrate cross platform audio/video in your website. It’s completely free and has fairly good interface and easy to integrate.


Lightweight, Skinable and Easy to Use Video/Audio Player. Completely free and have been coded into wordpress plugin,joomla extension, drupal plugin, so if you are using any one of them it will be very easy to integrate.

OSM (Open Standard Media Player)

As the name suggests its open source and has a nice scrolling playlist support. It is not yet integrated in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal but site is saying its coming soon. It also has inbuilt support to deliver Vimeo, Youtube Videos.

Lean Back Player

Good HTML5 Player with Multiple subtitle support, logo overlay, and Video Size Selection Support. Completely Free and have ability to handle more than one video element in single page. Also comes with inbuilt keyboard Shortcuts!

Fry Player

Free to Use, Jquery based player with skinning support, buffering and fullscreen and shortcuts support. It’s very easy to integrate and is good looking.


Mootools based player,  easy to integrate with subtitle support. Subtitles are loaded via ajax request and synced on fly. It also has a loading progress bar.

HTML5 Video

Skinabble Video/Audio Player with fallback. This is used as html5 demo for various sites like dailymotion, youtube, Vimeo etc.


Advertisement support, playlists, and flash fall back with rtmp support. It has support for Youtube and is easy to integrate and theme.

JW Player

Skinnable and configurable player built around HTML5 tag. It seamlessly fallback to JW player for Flash. Supports , H.264/H.263, VP6/8.

Kolor Eyes

360 spherical video.  Zoom in, Zoom Out, Change angle capture snapshots and share them. Its kind of a copy of Google street view.

There are many other HTML5 video players and also DIY tutorials where you can code your own player, but the above players are the one of the best selections from them.

HTML5 Audio Players

The video list also contains some players with support of audio but below are some players which specifically support audio.

Mootools HTML5 audio Player

Great looking mootools based audio player with playlist support. It automatically detects audio  format browser supports and uses appropriate format.


Superb looking, with flash fallback, customizable looks, and come with artist info links. Two versions of the player is available.


Easy to integrate, Free, with flash fallback support. Just add the JS in the head and you’re done.

Zen Audio Player

Single songs HTML 5 Player powered by jPlayer, styles and animated using CSS3. I especially like the looks of the player.

HTML5Rocks Audio Player

Single songs HTML 5 Player with flash fallback support.