Its impossible to monitor your website 24/7  but everybody wants to be there to fix things up if something goes wrong with their website to minimize  the downtime and keep their website up and running.

Fortunately, their are many software and web services out there today that are ready to keep an eye on your website and notify you through email or sms when something goes wrong. Some of them are free and some will charge you. In this article i have complied a list of 11 services which offers their services for free, so take a shot and let me know if you like the experience.


The free up time monitoring service monitors http services. The test attempts to retrieve the home page at a fixed interval of fifteen minutes.


Website monitoring, web server monitoring & server monitoring from worldwide locations. Receive downtime alerts via SMS & Email.


InternetSeer is the world’s largest website monitoring service, providing accurate and reliable free hourly website monitoring to over 1.7 million websites worldwide.


internetVista® offers a monitoring service for websites and other Internet services (email server, file servers, DNS servers, MySQL database,…). Monitoring is carried out from 6 monitoring centers across the world. At the checking frequency of your choice, each center will simulate a visit to your website by an internet user and automatically detect a breakdown or malfunction of your web services.

Mon.itor.Us offers elegant, all-in-one web server monitoring as a service for sysadmins, webmasters, bloggers, individuals and small business owners. Since it is a hosted service, you don’t need to maintain an in-house monitoring server, install and configure complex software, or spend time on maintenance. You also don’t need to worry about setting your notification channels. All together the signup and setup process may take just 5 min.


ServerMojo allows you to create HTTP/S, FTP, Email, MySQL and other Port-specific monitor. You can also check specific pages for specific content. You can extract data from tested pages and have it ready for later analysis through CSV download.

And all of this is done with very frequent tests, of up to every minute, from various geographical locations all in parallel. They not only test you servers from multiple places, they know how your monitored servers perform from different places in the world.


Service Uptime is free remote website uptime monitoring designed to help you detect website downtime which can mean lost revenue and profits. Register for free monitoring account and take control over downtime today! Let Service Uptime monitor your website 24/7/365 and alert you immediately upon your website accessibility, availability or performance problems.


Site24x7 is a hosted website monitoring service that helps webmasters ensure their websites are up and running at peak performance. The Site24x7 servers send out HTTP or HTTPS requests to your website at regular intervals of time and alerts you if it is down.


SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable. Free and Paid plans are available.


Uptrends is a leading provider of website, transactions and server monitoring services with more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries. They offer their monitoring services as software as a service (SaaS), so no software needs to be installed. Their mission is to optimize the online performance and reduce costly downtime for their customers. Uptrends provides the most responsive support and customer service in the industry.


They offer website monitoring services ranging from uptime monitor and speed monitor to multi-page transaction monitoring and application performance monitoring with alert escalation, multi-recipient scheduling, diagnostics, and performance tracking.