Setting up a web form that your site visitors can use to send you a message can be a difficult task for some of you. Thanks to the free resources on the internet, however, this tedious job can easily be accomplished by the use of these free resources and you don,t have to worry about anything you can just copy and paste the code and you are ready to go.

In this article i come up with 11 free awesome contact from that i think you will find interesting to embed in your website, so best of luck.

1.AJAX Contact Form with PHP Fallback:

They used the FormProcessor.class.php file from Simon Willison’s excellent  script which they modified slightly  The javascript pre-validation is done using a modified version of Stephen Poley’s Javascript form validation scrip. And for the AJAX contact form, They borrowed heavily from Andrew Walsh. And this is the output.

2.AJAX Email Form:

Email/Contact form allows you to gather feedback from your visitors. You can install this script on your website or webpage to communicate and gather feedback from your users. The script is free of use and comes with install instructions. The script comes with security measures in place. All data is validated before submitting.


Contact-Pop is a jQuery plugin that makes contact forms with grayed out overlays incredibly easy. The basic script grabs any links that point to your contact page and flags them for the Contact-Pop popup. When these links are clicked, Contact-Pop grays out the page and pulls in the contact form using AJAX. That means that with just a few lines of code, you can convert your site to use Contact-Pop’s form and overlay rather than your current contact page.

4.A Fancy AJAX Contact Form:

Providing a simple and reliable means of feedback from site visitors is a crucial part of any web presence. The most simple and common feedback channel are contact forms.In this tutorial we are going to make an AJAX contact form which leverages modern web development techniques.We are using PHP, CSS and jQuery with the help of the validations plugin for form validation and the JQTransform plugin, which will style all the input fields and buttons of the form. In addition we are using the PHP Mailer class to send out the contact form emails.

5.jQuery Ajax Contact Form Like Facebook:

In this tutorial they showed  how to set up an awesome ajax contact form with validation which loads in facebox to mimic the get satisfaction feedback you may see on the side of some websites these days. They developed this using various other resources on the internet for a recent template for theme forest.  I will also include a little bit about using position relative and how to get around internet explorers problems with it.

6.Light Form:

LightForm now works with Niceforms 1.0 which allows to a set a different size for inputs, textareas and buttons. Input bug fixed in IE8 and files have been compressed to improve load time (just one stylesheet and only one images folder. All the javascripts are in the same folder).


  • Form Validation using FormCheck2.
  • Spam Check.
  • Display user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.
  • Display a dialog box when message sent succesfully.
  • Inputs and textareas are styled with NiceForms.
  • Works in the most recent browsers (IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Netscape).

7.Matt DeKok’s:

This contact form has several advanced features such as Email injection prevention and a more accurate email validator that not only validates the syntax, but also whether the domain exists or not.This is how you add it to your page, really simple.

8.Mid Mo Design Ajax contact form:

This is an advance AJAX contact form design by Mid Mo with a bundles of features.


  • A safe form with sanitation.
  • Load success or error messages dynamically without leaving the page.
  • Descriptive error messages detailing why the entered values failed validation.
  • A honeypot to beat the bots.

9. NET TUTS Form Using jQuery:

In this tutorial they show you how easy it is to do just that — submit a contact form that sends an email, without page refresh using jQuery.

10.Proto Form:

ProtoForm version 2.0 is a Prototype.js based plugin that allows you to very easily validate the forms fields and send data in ajax.


  • Check required fields (input, textarea, radio, select, multiple checkboxes) and validate Email, Date, integers, numbers,phone numbers and Url.
  • Send data and show response with Ajax, highlight the form field on error. Allows you to validate more form on the same page. Very easy to use!
  • Lightweight (only 4KB), unobtrusive and cross-browser (tested on Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer). Depend on Prototype JavaScript Framework to work.

11.A Tableless Contact Form (JQuery & AJAX):

The aim of the tutorial is to help you to create a simple (tableless) ajax contact form using AJAX, JQuery & PHP. We will have a HTML page which will contain the form, a CSS file, a php page where the data will be sent and another file where the validation function(s) will be located. JQuery is a new and powerful library which simplifies the way that you write JavaScript.