WordPress is an amazing CMS it is also one of the most popular CMS on the web. There are millions of websites in different industries with different functionalities on the web proudly powered by WordPress.WordPress Frameworks  is a stand-alone base/starter theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development. There are many free and premium WordPress frameworks available to help you achieve your goals. In this article i am going to write about  11 best and free WordPress theme frameworks for fast development. If you have any of your favorite please mention in the comment section i will update the list. Thanks!

Up Themes Framework

UpThemes Framework is a powerful, lightweight theme options framework for producing some of the highest quality themes.


It’s a WordPress Theme and WP Framework. The Mission is to assist in rapidly creating and deploying WordPress driven websites.

Press Work

The Press Work Toolbox lets you style any theme in a live preview environment without any code, drag & drop to set your layout in seconds, add Google fonts, and more.


Built around the HTML5 Boilerplate, Bones is a rock solid foundation to start any WordPress project. Keep what you need, remove what you don’t. It’s totally up to you.


The Ashford CMS Framework is FREE. It is a “brilliant”, “high-quality” parent theme for a personal or small web site.


Carrington is a CMS theme platform for WordPress that makes it easy to create unique looks for different categories, post types and comments just by creating custom templates.

White Board

Whiteboard Framework has been helping WordPress developers cut back on their development time and improve their WordPress powered websites since 2008.


Gantry is a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid development and realization of a design into a flexible and powerful web platform theme.

Wonder Flux

Wonderflux is a professional, free WordPress theme framework. It allows you to rapidly develop highly sophisticated, custom WordPress themes with just a handful of files (minimum is just 1 – style.css) using the principle of a Child theme.


Roots is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap from Twitter.


Reverie Framework is an extremely versatile HTML5 WordPress framework based on ZURB’s Foundation, a powerful tool for building prototypes on any kind of devices.