Google Chrome is one of the most popular choice in web browsers because its fast,secure and have a varity of free themes and extension to enhance its look and performance. I have been using Google Chrome for years and i just love the power of extensions Chrome offers. Chrome is the choice of most developers, designers and webmasters. In this article i compiled a list of 10 useful Google Chrome plugins for webmasters to make things simple for them. Have Fun!

1.Admin Spot:

The Adminspot Application is a quick access for Webmaster to be connected with other webmasters. AdminSpot Application is for also good for coders, gfx artists and admins to share tips tricks and resources.

2. Admin Spot Webmaster Updates:

This extension includes Tutorials, SEO and Traffic Management, Webmaster Tools and Resources, Coding and Development, Hosting and Domains and all others.

3. HTML Tester:

Well this plugin is for all webmaster around the world. With this Html tester you only need to:

1. Push the Html tester button and paste the code

2. Push the “Test Html” button

And youre done.

4. Index Me – Ping Your Blog:

This is a Free Ping Service and an Accelerator for Fast Indexing on Google, Yandex, Yahoo! and other search engines. Thanks to Index Me, You Boost the Traffic, Ranking and Indexing of your Blog, Site, Feed RSS / Atom and Backlinks with a One Simple Click.

5. Persona:

Persona is your personalized social channel. Persona offers an elegant, fluid way to see what your friends are sharing on social networks, letting all your networks flow together. With persona you can share, discover and interact with everything you care about all in one place.

6. SEO & Website Analysis:

SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank is an extension for Google Chrome that provides a deep SEO analysis covering more that 50 SEO techniques on any given website.

7. The Spiceworks IT Community:

Referred to by TechCrunch as “the Facebook for IT managers,” Spiceworks is where 1.8 million IT pros already go for anything-and everything they need to do their IT job! A place where you can ask IT questions and get answers from fellow IT pros and tech vendor product experts.

8. Web Developer:

The Web Developer extension adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.

9. Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster Tools is one of the most important Chrome application for webmasters. Here you will find every tool you will be needing as a webmaster.

10. Webmasters Sitebox:

This is another simple extension that just lists important sites a webmaster might use on a daily basis. Sites include Google Analytics, Adsense, Webmaster Tools and more.