Many web design trends have been created since the dawn of the internet, more so in the past few years. Many of these ideas have been developed to create increasing levels of novelty.


In this article we will bring you the hottest of the latest web design trends. Out with the old and in with the new!


1. Responsive Layouts

In this generation of laptops, tables, iPads and whatnot, responsive layouts are very useful as your website will adapt to the screen size of your user’s gadget. Sometimes having to scroll downwards takes a lot of effort that giving your visitors the additional burden of scrolling sidewards might lose you a great number of viewers.

2. Retina Support

Aside from websites that scale to fit the screen of the gadget, some websites have also been developed to support retina devices. This means your website looks pixel perfect in every angle on retina devices. Examples of these are Apple products like iPads and MacBooks.

3. Fixed Header Bars

Keep your header bar fixed onto your website using the CSS position: fixed; property. Visitors will normally scroll down your page but you have to address their constant need for navigation. A whole other trip back to the top of your page might trigger nuisance to your customer.

4. Large Photo Backgrounds

Photographers will be pleased to know that this trend is catching on. Oversized photography is an excellent way to emphasize the point you are trying to convey to your customers — in colorful and large dimensions. This is an effective way of catching your readers’ attention and when done properly, can come out to look really good.

5. CSS Transparency

Any web page element can now be made transparent thanks to the opacity edits of the new CSS 3 properties. Now you can generate transparency in your website without subjecting anything to Photoshop editing!

6. Minimalist Landing Pages

Being able to reach people from all over the world is a great opportunity for you, especially if you’re selling online. One of the most important things you should remember is that your website should look as global as possible, meaning that most of the people who will visit your website will find its general layout acceptable. Minimalism is the way to go if you have these kinds of objectives in mind.

7. Detailed Illustrations

Once you’ve achieved your initial goal of attracting customers, your next task is to give them a reason to stay where they are. While words paint all sorts of pictures in our imaginations, illustrations do a better job because the images are already there. Don’t you agree that pictures are more likely to hold one’s attention rather than boring old text?

8. Infinite Scrolling

Social media networks such as Tumblr and Pinterest have adopted to this technique for their layouts and they look beautiful on them. One good thing about infinite scrolling is that your visitors don’t need to click on anything when navigating to the next part of your website, as compared to multiple-paged websites.

9. Fullscreen Typography

Oversized typography could attract just as much customers as you would if you use oversized images. Even though some users may find this annoying, most of the time this won’t be the case if the designer creates a layout where the typograpy fits perfectly. It’s a definite eye-catcher.

10. Circular Design Elements

Not only are these elements a new topic of interest lately, it’s also got a lot of practical uses and aesthetic applications as well. Circles are clean and neat and can generally be made to fit any layout. You can even create your own patterns with the circles and create page elements into circular designs for a more recent and personal touch.


We hope that this list of web design trends has helped you in at least one way or another. Its main purpose is to inform you of the most recent developments and goings-on in the community of web designing, so if you have learned at least a thing or two then the purpose of this article is fulfilled. Now you can create websites that look more recent than all the other ones, thanks to the tips given above!