I use WAMP as my local server to test my code but sometime its irritating to spend so much time just to test some simple code snippets. Web based sandbox tools for testing code snippets solve my problem. They are simple just paste the code snippet and it will shows you the result in seconds. In this article i compiled a list of 10 free web based sandbox tools for you to test your code online. Have Fun!

1.CSS Desk:

This web based CSS/HTML sandbox tool is the best way of testing snippets of your CSS and HTML. You have the option of changing the background of the preview pane. You can also maximize the screen viewing size of the preview pane by hiding the HTML and CSS code panes.


Dabblet is an interactive playground for quickly testing snippets of CSS and HTML code. It uses -prefix-free, so that you won’t have to add any prefixes in your CSS code. You can save your work in Github gists, embed it in other websites and share it with others.

3.Google PlayGround:

Google Code Playground is a sandbox tool that gives you the ability to test and experiment with Google’s APIs.


Ideone is something more than a pastebin; it’s an online compiler and debugging tool which allows to compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages.

5.JS Bin:

This open source sandbox tool by developer Remy Sharp is an excellent JavaScript/HTML code-testing tool. It has the option for live/real-time preview and the ability to include  popular open source libraries like jQuery, MooTools, YUI and Modernizr.


JSdo.it is engagement-driven. They offer both, vivid environment for developers to test their trendy works on JavaScript and HTML5, as well as community to share their codes and learn from each other. That’s why they call their communtiy ‘a coding avenue’.

7.Land Of Code:

Land of code online sandbox tool is simple just enter code  and output will be displayed in the window on the right. You can view Output in new window. You can use HTML, CSS, Javascript, or VBScript code (Internet Explorer only for VBScript code).

8.Paste HTML:

Use PasteHTML.com to put a HTML file online, quickly and with no registration. Use it as a sandbox for playing with CSS and Javascript. Use their bookmarklet to create a snapshot of any web page and store it online.

9.PHP Sandbox:

With PHP sandbox you can test your PHP code with this simple code tester instantly. You can test your PHP code here with PHP versions 5.4.0, 5.3.10, 5.2.17, 4.4.9.

10.Tinker Bin:

Tinker bin let you play around with HTML,JavaScript and CSS without creating files or uploading to servers. It also support CoffeeScript, Saas(with Compass), Less, HAML and more.