Webmail’s software’s are scripts which run on your servers and give you browser based mail client interface like Gmail, Yahoo etc. There are several free webmail scripts available for php/mysql. They are especially useful in checking mails on the go, also when you have several employees and want everyone to have their own email under same domain, it can be easier for employees to login. Also as you’ll be using your own server the limit of storage will be your hosting servers limit itself, so it’s useful in you get lots of emails with big attachments and no free email service is offering enough space to store them.

Round Cube

It is a multilingual web based email client for PHP/MySQL. It offers a wide variety of features and is open source.

  • Full HTML email support
  • Multilingual with over 60+ languages
  • Search suggest address book
  • HTML message composing
  • Threaded Message
  • Shared folders
  • Can be extended using plugin api


Secure and powerful mail server with multi OS support, currently it supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other flavors or UNIX. Also comes with Spam filtering mechanism and is completely free.

  • Multi OS support
  • 99% spam protection
  • SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Message Archiving

Claros inTouch

Open source ajax communication suite with built in messenger, rss, calendar, post-it support. It is created on java technology so your server need to have JAVA 2 SDK installed.

  • Live Messenger
  • Multiplatform Support
  • Multilingual
  • Post It Notes
  • RSS
  • Built In Spam Protection
  • Can be extended using plugin api


Full featured web based application for webmail with folder management, editor, feed reader, web 2.0 mashups and tabbed browsing. Built in ExtJs and Zend Framework and is completely free.

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Twitter Module
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Intelligent Caching
  • Feeds Module
  • Wizard based installation

At mail

Free open source webmail written in PHP. Written to make it light weight yet powerful application. Also offers video mail and is multilingual.

  • Lightweight
  • Video Mail
  • Live Spell Check
  • HTML email Composing
  • LDAP address book


IMAP Browser based client for your email server. Licensed under GNU GPL and having a complete ajax interface. The main drawback is no support for POP3.

  • Multiple Folder
  • Browser Support
  • HTML Editor
  • Search & Sort
  • Excellent MIME Support


Zimbra claims to be the most capable open source email and collaboration suite available today. Comes with Rich AJAX integration and has global address lists, shared calendars and document management on the web or offline with Zimbra Desktop.

  • HTML Email
  • Mobile Support
  • Sharing and Document Management
  • Powerful Administration
  • Group Calendars


It is a skin for well-known squirrel mail which comes bundled with most of cpanel hosts. It transforms the squirrel mail into user-friendly mail.

  • Plugin Support
  • No JavaScript required
  • Ajax Interface

Crystal Mail

Based on Roundcube it improves over the original interface. Released under GNU GPL 3.0 License. Claims to be world’s best webmail client. Also comes with 3 column layout.

There are many other paid solutions available which may be better than the above listed mail scripts. If you have come across a good script let us know!