In this article I’ve listed a variety of ajax polls available for you free of cost and tutorials to integrate it in your websites. I’m pretty sure if you are reading this post you are already aware of the term “ajax” and “poll”, for those who don’t know, ajax is not a language in itself but a group of various related ways with which you can create dynamically updating application for users. It heavily relies on XML and JavaScript for its inner workings.

Adding a poll adds interactiveness to your website, you can know more about your visitors, take their opinions and create a type of interactiveness in your website. Adding some juice of Ajax in polls helps the polls to dynamically show the results without any refresh so the visitors does not have to leave the page they are already viewing which adds user friendliness. Also Ajax help’s you to stay away from those SEO unfriendly flash polls.

I have tried to make the list short and include only the very best available till this time:

PHP Ajax Poll Scripts available for Free

Zoki Poll

Demo | Download

WRD Poll

Demo | Download

PHP Kobo Poll

Demo | Download

PHP Classes Poll

Demo | Download

Nettuts Poll

Demo | Download

Lukewallin Ajax Poll

Demo | Download

Dracon Poll

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

AJAX Poller

Demo | Download

Smart PHP Poll

Demo | Download

There are several other free poll scripts available which i haven’t tested , Script Bank Poll, WDP Poll, and many more. If you dont need specifically requite ajax based script i’ll recommend you try CSS-Trick Poll, it has already create superb design with a tutorial.

If you are looking for some basic script or tutorial you can even try W3C Poll. It is a pretty basic poll script and if you are new to Ajax this tutorial should be best for you to understand.

Paid PHP Ajax Poll Scripts

If you need something better looking, with greater flexible admin panel and features you need to look at paid poll scripts. And in this category i only found 2 script that were worth mentioning one was for its looks other was for its features and admin customization. Other script which i tested were at par with free counterparts so i don’t think there is any need of spending extra money for those.

EZ Poll

Demo | Buy ($10)

  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Multi-option polls
  • Time sensitive polls (start and end both optional)
  • Javascript and non-javascript display options
  • Custom color coded bars
  • Limiting votes per day, per poll lifetime per user (IP based)

Flipper Poll

Demo | Buy ($10)

  • Good Looks
  • Country Recognition
  • 5 different styles
  • Javascript and non-javascript display options

Of these two Flipper Poll has great looks and flip animation, where as the features of EZpoll are great for its price.

Scripts For Open Source Scripts & CMS

Though this scripts can be easily integrated in anytype of opensource or paid CMS or Blogs, there are also plugins and extentions available for free for adding poll feature easily.

For WordPress there are many plugins available, i recommend Poll Daddy or  WP-Polls, a good list can be found here.

For Joomla there’s a whole list of extension available here. I have not tested them all but i have used and liked Nice Ajax Poll and Fly06 Poll.

For Drupal Advanced Poll and Ajax Poll Looks good.

For other CMS out there i recommed do a search in there addon list and i’m sure you’ll find something, else you can always integrate some opensource script mentioned earlier yourself.

Comparative Study

Before i end this article i’d like you guys to go through this comparative study pic below so you can make your decisions and have a quick overview of the scripts. Also i hope you have enjoyed the article, please post your views or any scripts if i have missed them.