Whenever a website owner puts a form on his or her website they want the visitor of the website to fill it out and submit it. But this is not what always happens. In fact most of the time viewers rarely fill out these forms and even more rarely submit them. So this is the job of the web owner that he makes sure that the form that he place on his website attract enough interest from the visitors so that they can complete the entire process.

Today we will be sharing with you some tips for encouraging your visitors to complete the process.

Do Your Research

Even if you are not a professional web designer, a little research can help you out in finding the right form builder. Look online for the tools that can help you in creating the right form for your website. Once you have found the right form builder for you, play a little with it to familiarize yourself with it.

Only Ask For What You Really Require

Asking useless information from the visitor will only result in less submissions. If you are designing a contact form then ask yourself do you really need to know the person’s work, cell or fax number or as i have seen somewhere the person’s blood group. This will only make the visitor less comfortable with your website and you will lose a potential future customer in no time. So always ask for the things that you think are absolutely necessary for your website. You can use conditional logic to show and hide the fields of the form that are relevant to the user.

No Need for the Evil CAPTCHA

Yes a few years back CAPTCHA were a necessary “Evil” for protecting your website from spammers. But with the help of the spam filters that work behind the scenes you can increase the security of your website without using CAPTCHA. When i call it an “Evil” i really mean it as it is one of the biggest reasons behind the fewer submissions one receives from their form. If you are not comfortable without CAPTCHAs then use a smart one which only shows up when the web form seems to be abused.

Use Multi-Page Feature When Required

If your intended form is a large one then try to divide it into more than one pages. The visitor to your website will be far more interested in going to the next page to complete the task than to scroll down a long page. Well this is at least what my experience tells me. And when you are using a multipage form, try using progress indicator bars and a save and resume feature as it will make your form far more user friendly.

Help the User & Help Yourself

If your form requires any information from the client that you feel he or she will be reluctant to provide then always explain to them why you require it. For example most people will not be thrilled about giving out their date of births but if you require them then explain to the visitor why exactly you require it. You can use supporting text for this purpose and also to help the visitor in filling out the form.

Earn the User’s Trust

If your form requires sensitive information like credit card or bank details then it is of utmost importance that you provide the users with a sense of security and a feeling that they can trust you. For this the very first step will be the enabling of data encryption and SSL certification.

Make It Pretty

We all like pretty things right? So what’s so different with the forms, they should be eye catching enough to harness the user’s interest. Try out a few css tricks for that and pay special attention towards the button. You can also try out different wordings for your buttons as well to see which one of them gets you the most submissions.

Courtesy After Submission

Never give up on your users once they have submitted the form. Always show a thank you message to let them know that you care about them and value their submissions. Or you can also send a message to the user’s mail account to confirm the submission.


I understand these are simple and common sense tips but i have seen websites that often overlook most of them. Each website is different from the other so you will have to try out a few options to know which one of them works best for yours and provides you with more submissions.