As more and more people are deciding to put their thoughts online, blogs have increased quite a bit in popularity in the recent years. The best thing about a blog is the ease of creating one and then managing it. You don’t need to be a web developer or designer to start a blog and then manage it.

But still there are a few standards that you will have to follow if you want your blog to convey the right message to your viewers. Today i will be sharing with you some simple tips that can help you in choosing the right design for your blog. These are by no means the only tips that can help you out in creating a nice looking blog so if you feel that i am missing out on something then do point it out.

Create a Customized Header and Footer

It is easy to use a blog with its default theme but if you really want it to stand out then it is important that you create a customized header and footer. Now one way of doing this is to design a header and footer for your blog and then implement it into your blog. But if you are not a designer or you are not in a mood to hire one then there are plenty of themes out there which you can get for your blog and many of them are free. If you want your blog to look different then i recommend that you go for a premium theme as there are less chances that someone else will be using the same theme as compared to the free ones.

Navigation Should be User-friendly

Having a beautiful blog that is not user-friendly will result in losing the interest on the viewers end. You will have to not only meet the current but also the future expectations of your future visitors. The lesser is the number of options in your navigation the more user-friendly it will be. So try to avoid putting useless links in your navigation.

Creating Search Bar

The visitors come on your blog to search for things they like so always provide them with a search bar. This is one of the basic elements that any blog must have. Search bar is the easiest way to search for content using different keywords. It is totally up to you whether you want to place it in the header or in the sidebar but it should be placed in a spot that is conveniently accessible for the viewers.

E-mail Subscription

If you want your viewers to return to your blog then including an RSS feed and e-mail subscription will be a good choice. This will increase the readership of your blog as the visitors might start following you. Again having a customized e-mail subscription button will convert more for you.

Social Networking Buttons

If you want to increase your readership then you will have to create pages of your blog at different social networks. This is a great way of sharing your content with viewers throughout the world and allow them to share it with their own contacts. So it is strongly recommended that you include social sharing icons in your blog, a good spot to place them is in the footer of the blog.

Leave Space for Comments

The visitors of your blog might be interested in commenting regarding your content or your blog. So you will have to leave space for comments. You should make it comfortable for the users to leave comment as a guest or by signing-in into his social networking account.

About Us Page

If you want to build stronger relationship with your readers then putting up a page that tells them about you or the author can be a wise move. Believe me if readers have a slight interest in your blog then they will be interested in knowing more about you. You can put some contact information like email there as well so that they can ask you questions or send you suggestions.