There are thousands of themes one can choose from for a wordpress website so choosing the one that best suits your needs can be a hard task.

Its not just the looks of the theme that should matter to you while choosing a theme but there are a few other factors as well that needs your consideration while choosing a wordpress theme. Here are the most important ones of them.

It should not be too Restrictive:

Some of the wordpress themes are not meant to be changed. A theme that is too restrictive will not be easy to change and will require a lot of effort. This may be a result of bad coding and a wise decision in such a case will be to go for any other theme instead. If you do want to give it a go then try changing a couple of things in it quickly and see if its viable or not.

Check if its getting Updated:

There are hundreds of themes out there that are free but their designers are no more interested in updating them. Getting a free theme is great and one should always appreciate the designers who are giving out this free stuff but if the theme has not received a update for a long time or if its designer has said that there will no more updates to it then you should reconsider your decision of using it.

It should have Clean Code:

Now this is important. Although a messy code does not necessarily mean that a theme is broken but it will give headaches while you try to customize it. Making the smallest changes to a messy code that you don’t understand can have disastrous effects on your theme. So always try to choose a theme that has a clean and nicely aligned html and css.

It should have Optimum number of files:

When you try to edit a theme in wordpress the things can get a little confusing when there are a lot of files that needs to be changed. First you don’t know where to start the editing process and secondly the large number of files make the editing difficult as you have to make sure that the changes follow through across the blog.

Similarly too few files can be as confusing as well. There are many good looking themes that are nicely designed and most of us will love to use them but the problem is that they don’t have enough files which makes it difficult to get the right diversity, style and design that we want.

So always choose a theme that has the optimum number of files including Stylesheet, Main Index Template, Single Post, Page Template, Archives, Sidebar, Search Results.

It should have Support:

If you are a wordpress pro then perhaps having no support should not bother you but a user forum,  an active blog thread or just the email address of the original designer can be quite a helpful tool for most of us. Most of the themes out there have some small bugs and having support can come handy if you encounter one of them along the way. So if you find a theme that don’t have a support available then think twice before using it.

Here are few nice and Free WordPress Themes.


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