If you want to create a website but are not proficient in web programming and are not in a mood to pay someone for doing this for you, even then you can create a website for yourself. Wondering how? Well you can do it with the help of free website builder tools. Most of these tools can handle almost every kind of website, ranging from a simple static page to complex e-commerce websites. While creating websites through these website builder tools you will not be requiring any design expertise and there is no need to have any understanding of the seemingly difficult subjects like html, csss, php and javascript.

1. Weebly

With its widget based format, Weebly allows users to create web pages by dragging and dropping different page elements like text, images and flash onto a page and filling the content. Their slogan is that they are the easiest way to create a website and with such a simple approach they surely are one of the, if not the easiest way of creating a website.

2. Wix

It’s one of the biggest competitors of Weebly. Wix uses pretty much the same approach with a drag and interface that allows you to make a website without having any knowledge of web programming. There are many free design elements available inside the Wix website builder which you can use to create your website. You can add text, pictures, contact forms, audio and video files, Google maps and social network icons through simple clicks. It also allows you to add your own text, photo and interactive content.

3. SnapPages

SnapPages is another of the free website builders that use drag and drop approach for creating your own website. Although it provides less options when compared to both Wix and Weebly, it is surely one of the simplest tools for creating a website.

4. Google Sites

It is a free and easy way to create websites. This tool is great for both larger corporate websites and simple static websites. The fact that different people can work together on a website to add file attachments, information from other Google applications and new free from content, makes it a unique tool.

5. GetShopped

This is a great tool if you are looking to create a simple e-commerce website. With GetShopped you can create free websites, sell online, send newsletters and blog online. If you are opening a new business or have an existing one and want to sell online then Getshopped is the way to go. It integrates with Google Checkout, Paypal and many other secured payment options to ensure secure payment processing for your users.

6. Webnode

It is one of the easiest ways of creating a website. It’s simple, online and free and you can get your website up and running in just five minutes. But it lacks a few of the functionalities that are offered by other website builder tools.

7. Jigsy

This website builder tool is good for personal blogs, artist portfolios and other simple and small websites. It is fast making a name for itself because of it being easy to use and its ability to create good looking dynamic websites.

8. Webs

Another website builder where you don’t really require any technical skills. With its easy to use point and click site builder you can easily create your own website. You can upload images, text and point and click to edit. One extra feature of Webs is that it automatically provides a mobile friendly experience to the Smartphone users of your website.