If you are running a business, no matter what it is about, you need some simple marketing tools to flourish your business. Of course your website is one of them but there are many other tools as well that you will require if you want to properly market your business. The good old business cards are perhaps the first things that you will require if you are running or planning to run a business. If you already have one for your business then are you sure that it is well designed, updated and representative of your business or you just have a rag tag card for just the formality of having one. Today i will be sharing with you some tips and tutorials for designing a potent business card design.

First let us discuss why a business card is important? It is important because it plays a big part in how your business and your products are perceived by your clients. If you meet a potential client and pass your business card to them then you are leaving a lasting impression on them as that person will be holding your business card for a long time.

So you will have to put a lot of effort into designing a proper business card for your company. Every little aspect ranging from the colors, the fonts, the images and the design is important. So it will be a good idea to use a professional service for designing your business card. But if you are just starting a business then perhaps you should try to design your business card yourself. It isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There are plenty of tutorials available over the internet and i am sure you are already familiar with some of them. Here are some of the best and most interesting tutorials that can help you in succeeding to design a great business card.

How to Create a Stylish Business Card Template in Adobe Photoshop

Design a Business Card in Photoshop Tutorial

Business Card Design Project Walkthrough

Photoshop Design a Cool Print Ready Business Card

Creating a Dark Business Card

Making a beautiful Business card

Creating a new Business Card

Blue-Grey Visiting-Card -Photoshop Tutorials

I have also included some business card templates which you can use to design your own business card.

Free Modern Business Card

Free Modern Business Card – II

Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 1</h3>

Org Bookkeeper Business Card

Splat Business Card with PSD