Graphic designers don’t have an easy task to handle when having to design logos. They need to fit the audience, to tell a lot about a company and to ensure that if the brand becomes popular, the image of it will always stay in people’s minds. But there are some graphic designers out there who just like to play with the fire so much that they bring in tremendous designs; all of this thanks to being able in using negative space.

Negative space is more than just a concept – it is an art. Negative space means the space around the subject(s) of an image. If the space around the subject creates an interesting or relevant shape, then this can be quickly turned into a successful logo.

Negative space has been first used in a two-tone, black and white, and this way it is very powerful thanks to the contrast between these two non-colors. Having a black object surrounded by white is somewhat normal and only creates a silhoutte of the shape, however reversing tones causes negative space to be spottable. This is called figure-ground reversal.

Because there are plenty of those which can be found on the internet, I scattered around and found a great collection of logos using negative space. You can use them for inspiration or just for your own amusement, certain is these kind of logos are unique and create a powerful effect upon the viewer, therefore making us remember them in time.

1. Biobuddha

Biobuddha is a brand offering ecological and healthy products for skin and hair care. The sitting buddha symbolizes health, care and nature.

2. Woman quotes

3. Oak Bros

This is an unused proposal showing a oak leaf and people in negative space.

4. Happy Catfish

This logo was designed for a web studio in Mississippi and it can’t be clearer than it already is.

5. Spade Dealer

6. Alchemic

This logo concept is build on the old practice of attempting to produce gold by way of fusion between different elements.

7. Explorations

8. Jurassic Wine

9. FrenchWine

The logo shows the French Triumph Arc and a bottle of wine in the negative space. It is also easy to spot a river.

10. Iconik

11. Patron Agri Systems

This is the logo of a corporate company, part of a large unbrella branding. The company is a leader in the field of greenhouse projects.

12. Outdoor Living Today

13. 247

The negative space makes a 4 easy to spot between 2 and 7, written with white.

14. Connected Home

15. Three Nuts General Contractors

Although this is only a concept for a fictious entity, the logo is incredibly smart. You can spot that number 3 combined with the negative space reveals a wrench.

16. MyShirt

17. Night Cat

18. CityDirect

19. Fooblr

20. Texas Wine


22. Dolphin & Seal

23. Negative Reality

24. Mouse Universe

25. Fantom

26. Banana Bird

27. Wine Forest

28. Music Poet

29. Boy

30. Stairs

Hope you enjoy this gallery with logos using negative space and I hope they inspire you in trying something like that yourself. It is never an easy task to handle, but you can see that people who manage it, come out with great ideas.