The numbers of mobile internet users around the world are fast increasing, according to some estimates they will overtake the desktop internet users within the next couple of years. The recent advancement of the mobile internet has made it possible for more and more users to use their mobile devices for browsing and they have become their primary web browsing tool. And what does that mean for you if you a web developer? The answer is that you’ll have to develop the sites that are there not just for a couple of screen resolutions.

Mobile internet is the recent trend and more and more businesses are recognizing it. If you have a responsive website then it does not only make you cooler but it is also the way of increasing conversions and getting better traffic to your website.

And the best part is that responsive design is not that difficult to practice and to become an expert of. There are quite a lot of frameworks and plugins available that will your task of creating responsive designs that much easier. Today we will be sharing with you some useful tools for creating responsive web design and some great examples of the responsive web design.

320 and UP

This tool prevents the mobile devices from downloading the higher resolution assets that are meant for desktops by using screen’s stylesheet as its starting point.


This is a free image gallery that is based on HTML/CSS/JavaScript and specifically targets the mobile devices.

Adaptive Images

By detecting the visitor’s screen size, Adaptive Images automatically creates, caches and delivers the rescaled versions of your web page’s embedded HTML images that are appropriate for the device in use.

Responsive Testing

Responsive Testing is an easy to use tool for testing a web design in multiple screen widths.

MediaQuery Bokmarklet

This tool provides you with a visual representation of the current viewport dimensions and most recently fired media query.

Less Framework 4

This is a CSS grid system through which you can design adaptive websites. It contains four layouts and three sets of typography presets and they are all based on a single grid.

Mobile Boilerplate

This is a famous template made custom  for creating mobile web applications. It provides you with cross browser consistency among all the famous smart phones also provides the support for symbian, Blackberry and IE mobile.

Tutorials and Publications

If you want to learn responsive web design then there cannot be any better way for doing this than getting up and doing it yourself. Here are a few tutorials that can be helpful in teaching you the basics of responsive web design but do search online for some other such stuff.

Awesome Tutorials To Master Responsive Web Design via Cats Who Code

Here you will find a number of tutorials relating to different aspects of responsive web design.

Fluid Images via Unstoppable Robot Ninja

In this tutorial Ethan Marcotte has cleared the confusion that the most designers have about responsive design and that is how will the images render in low resolution. This confusion is partly because of the fact that in the early days of responsive design most of the sites that adopted it were the text based ones. This tutorial will surely help you in understanding the fluid images better.

Responsive Data Tables via CSS Tricks

Data tables are highly important for showing results, or grouped information on a website. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can keep this aspect with style.

If you feel more comfortable by learing through books then here a few of the best books written on the subject, hope you find them helpful.

Responsive Web Design via sitepoint

Responsive Web Design via A List Apart

Responsive Web Design Demystified via Elated

Seven Lessons Learned From Responsive Web Design via .Net Magazine

Responsive Web Design Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies