Perfectionism is required for excelling in any field of life let alone in arts and design. Artistic perfectionism is a quality that every designer should have but it’s something that is not that common. Most of the designers try to perfect their designs with creative updates. They try to achieve it not only by coding but also by Photoshop mock-ups and Illustrator vectors. But there should me a limit to this perfectionism as the things can go a little too far overboard.

Here we will try to define perfectionism by looking a bit deeper into the topic. We will also define the key benefits of being a perfectionist, especially with digital artistic works like web and graphic design.

Attention to Details

Perfectionist is a person who gives attention to each detail and requires all work to attain 100 percent perfect status in completion. But the definition can vary from one profession to the other and in case of design profession it may vary from one person to the other.

The designer who pays careful attention to pixel perfect layouts while working in Photoshop is one of the few who believes in perfection and wants to create the best possible products. And if perfectionism is something that is a part of your personality then you will enjoy seeing ideas come to life in their best possible form through your hard work.

But then there is another aspect of perfectionism where it can reduce your productivity dramatically. When a designer looks at a project and it seems that it needs a lot of effort to get finished then he or she may not even bother getting started with work because it seems that the to do list will not going to end ever. Becoming neurotic about one’s work can be damaging as then minute changes don’t appear to be very impactful.

Developing Personal Standards

You should never forget what your ultimate goal is as in the neurotic detail oriented mentality the real objective can get a little lost. It happens quite often with a designer that after you have spent a certain amount of time in updating and changing your design nothing will satisfy you anymore. And in this case it will be impossible for you to get things done.

So what we recommend is that you develop a set of personal guidelines for your work. No one can define the point where your design work can be considered completed and most times you will find your work is just fine even without all the updates and patches so it will be a wise idea not to give yourself a hard time.

Keep it Organized

Perfectionism is not something that you can have for just one part of your life while for the rest of it you can accept average results. If you want to become a practicing perfectionist then you will have to apply it to your real world. If your work area and desk is cluttered with non sense then you will never be able to keep a good focus. Cleaning up around your work area will be an effort worth putting into your work day. If you are one of the people who keep to do lists and calendars in a digital program then it will be a lot easier for you to become a perfectionist.

Focus is what will make an average person into an extra ordinarily successful one so if you are ever to get anything done you’ll need to focus at just one point in the process at a time. Keeping yourself organized is almost essential to keeping a healthy focus on your work. You can spend more time on projects and try to perfect your ideas but if it seems weeks are passing with no improvement you should consider logging each of your daily tasks.

Push Your Knowledge

If you have studied web design for 3 to 4 years then you may be of the opinion that you know it all and there is not much left to be learnt. But this can be your downfall so never stop learning new things.
Web design is a constantly evolving field with vast changes being brought to it with each passing day. You will have to keep yourself up to date with the recent technologies and trends and if you want to excel in the field then you will have to continue to challenge yourself with difficult and new materials.

Perfectionism comes naturally with the ambition of becoming the best in your field. As there can be only one best so it is a little unrealistic but you can always design to the best of your efforts and abilities. If you are learning new technologies and techniques and you feel you are doing great while designing the websites then don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


A person who is a perfectionist in his or her work is the one who truly loves what he or she is doing and want others to love his work too. But being obsessive over designing will stall the progress of your project.

If you are a digital designer then you should know that it is a tough profession with a heavy competition and a lot of demands. Hopefully these tips will help you out in increasing the quality of your work and your productivity.