HTML5 will surely revolutionize the presentation of content on the internet. Although it is still being enhanced by the experts, it has already become a darling of most of the web designers and developers. It has brought new features which will make incorporating video, audio, fonts, web graphics and animations into your web pages a lot more easier. And you don’t have to worry about your old designs that you created in HTML 4 or XHTML 1.0 because HTML5 is backwards compatible so they will wok just the same. The biggest effect that the HTML 5 five will be completing the task that is already half completed by jQuery, and that is killing Flash.

Considering it a new technology most web designers are not aware of some great online tools and resources which they can use to their advantage to create some innovative designs that will help them in staying ahead of the field. Today we will be sharing with you guys some of the best online HTML 5 Tools and Resources. Hope you will find them helpful.

Online Font Testing Tool

Choosing the right font for your design can confuse the best of us. You can use this great font bookmark to instantly view any web page in a new font and do it without changing HTML or CSS properties. This will give you an idea of the power of HTML 5 as you can simply drag font .ttf flie into the top toolbar and it will appear in a list for quick view. As for finding free fonts that you can use, simply type “Free Fonts” into Google and it will provide you with links to hundreds of websites that provide free fonts.

Online XRay Tool

With this awesome tool you can view details of page elements of any web page by clicking a single button. You can simply drag the bookmarklet on their website into your bookmarks, then visit the web page that you want to analyse and just by clicking XRay bookmarklet and then clicking any element on the page you will get its details. It also can handle HTML5 elements such as canvas and provide you with the design information you need.

Online Automatoon (animation) Tool

Automatoon is an example just how much HTML5 will change how the web works. Without using Flash you can create animations that will play just fine on ipads, iphones, Androids and on all the common web browsers.

Online HTML5 Audio Maker Tool

Again this will be another tool that will show you just how revolutionizing HTML 5 will be. With the introduction of audio tag in HTML 5 you will soon find more and more websites that will be utilizing the power of audio. This online audio maker tool will introduce you to the new audio features HTML 5 has to offer.

Online Pattern Generator Tool

This online tool could be useful for the web designers for creating pages and header backgrounds and even heading backgrounds. By using the capability of HTML canvas it provides you with the pattern that you are looking for in a few seconds. It has many options and its user interface makes it easy to use.

Online Velocity Sketch Tool

This is a unique HTML 5 canvas drawing tool through which you can create strange looking web like things. If you are a creative designer then you can create some awesome things for your web projects with the help of Velocity Sketch Tool.

Online Sprite Box Tool

Putting all of your images in a sprite can both increase the speed of your image transitions and loading times. This tool can help you design your images into sprites using awesome jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5.