If you are a professional designer then it’s important that you push yourself daily to create outstanding work and be the best that you can. Our industry is constantly evolving and to be successful in it we need to continually grow and learn new design skills, try new things and enhance our leadership abilities. You can learn a lot about your design skills by going through thousands of Photoshop tutorials, HTML and CSS best practices available online but there are many resources out there that can teach you the skill of leadership which is a trait that is a must have if you want to survive in this competitive industry. And even if you are a great designer and an excellent leader, you may lag behind competition because you are not connecting with the right persons. It is the combination of knowledge, skills, leadership and networking that will help you in growing as a designer.

Push Yourself

Yes you already know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, got good skills in Html and CSS, know javascript and jQuery, and you think they are enough for surviving in the industry. Which is true but if you really want to take your career to the new heights then you have to continue learning, increasing your knowledge and never be satisfied with where you are at the moment. Learn something new, be your own coach, push yourself and be persistent. While promoting yourself you can find unique ways to build skills and do something different from your everyday work so that you don’t burn out.

Try out Your Leadership Skills

No matter in which industry you are working in, a leader is the one who is an expert of the field and a source that is trusted by the other comrades. It is surely a great position to be in, so you should try become an expert in your community and earn the respect of others by providing them with leadership. The best way for becoming a leader is by teaching others as it will show your design skills and knowledge as helping you in further improving them.

Leadership is not only helpful in promoting yourself in the industry but it will also give you a satisfying feeling as you will be helping others in learning the skills and achieving something which they could not before. It will also help you in networking with other great designers in the community and you may learn a few tricks yourself as well.


I hear many great designers complaining about not earning project as frequently as some of their colleagues with lesser design skills are. If you are planning to work as a free lancer then you should learn to connect with people. Networking with the right persons can boost your career in more ways than you can imagine.

Start a Blog Community

Design blogs can be helpful to both the newbie and the veterans as they provide with tons of knowledge and inspirations to them. Starting your own blog gives you the liberty of doing whatever you like to do with it. It can be a great tool for networking with others in the industry.

Start a Networking Group

Often small businesses in a community are looking for some design help but they don’t know where to look for it. By starting your networking group you provide yourself  a great chance of connecting with these businesses who otherwise don’t know much about your services.

Teach Others

If you feel that you have achieved some of your goals in the industry then it is time to give back something to your community. Helping others in learning the design skills can be a fulfilling experience and it may also help you in promoting yourself as a designer and earning you more projects. You can do this in a number of ways

Hosting a Workshop

It is a great way to share your knowledge with others and in the mean time show case your skills to them. It can be anything, a workshop about Photoshop, Html or CSS, anything you are good at and you feel that you can teach it to others. People can learn a lot from your workshop and this will help you in networking with them. It is also possible that some of them find these skills a little too difficult for them to learn and may ask you to provide your services to them for their design projects.

Writing a Book

It is not easy to find a publisher out there who will be eager to publish your book, but if you are good enough and you can find one then this can give your career a real boost. Seeing your name shining as a author of a book and then getting positive reviews about it is surely a rewarding experience. The book will also act as your marketing tool in itself.

Volunteer as an Expert for the Design Department of a College

Colleges around the country need the help of experts in a field with working experience, the college in your community may be looking for someone who can help their students out in the design department.