Why user interface design is important? Well because it is one of the if not “the” most important tool that have helped the websites to become more and more good looking, interactive and friendly towards the user. Its the users that matters the most, a design is created or it should be created keeping in mind their needs. The usability of a design and every other factor needs to play its part to enhance the interface of the users. Today i will be sharing with some great examples of user interface design.

But before we do that let us discuss a little what a great user interface design is.

Essentials of a Great User Interface Design

First of all user interface design is there to enhance the user experience of a website. If the elements that you have designed look magnificent but they are in fact distracting the user of the website, then you have not done your job properly. Pay attention to what your users want from your website and try to make the process easier for them. Knowing your user’s needs is the first step in creating a great user interface design.

Here is a tip, if you are not confident that you truly understand the needs of a user then play safe. What i mean by that is that you create a user interface design similar to what your users are most probably already familiar with like that of Facebook or Myspace or Blogger.

Consistency is another factor that determines just how great a user interface design is. If a user comes to your website and completes a process, and then when he returns to it after a while finds its main design, language or other main elements changed then he won’t really be thrilled as he will have to learn it right from the scratch. So try to remain consistent with your user interface design.

Next and the biggest factor related to a great user interface design is its simplicity. Always avoid using unnecessary elements that are not really required for the design to function properly. Always ask yourself the question “do this design really need this element”.

All right now you have an idea what a great user interface design is, here are a few special examples of nicely designed user interfaces.


Travel Website

Sources in landscape

Car Service


Happy Holidays Card

Kit Digital ipad app



Serve Others Page