jQuery enables the designers to create websites that are not only stylish but are also user friendly. By using jQuery you can create websites that are pleasing to the eye and at the same time are lightweight and load quickly. And that is exactly the reason behind the fame that the jQuery has earned in the field of web development which has improved a lot because of jQuery. The basic force that has made jQuery such a potent tool is the amazing jQuery community who keep on sharing fantastic plugins.

Today we are sharing some awesome jQuery plugins for drag and drop feature. This will allow the visitors to your website to personalize it an its tools according to their needs. Most of the users love customization options and this will surely increase the ranking of your website. Hope you will enjoy these plugins and will find them helpful.

Collapsible Drag n Drop

Using Drag and Drop panels provides the users the control on how they want to see the information as it allows them to arrange various information blocks according to their preferences. Drag and Drop functionality is great for the web portals or personal homepage services, a good example of this can be iGoogle.

jQuery: Customizable layout using drag and drop (examples)

This was a part of the tutorial done by  DevHeart. You can Drag and Drop items within and between lists. It has a visual helper which indicates where the items will be positioned if dropped.

Drag and Drop Captcha

Captcha helps the webmasters by protecting their websites from bots and spammers. This jQuery plugin is for a AjaxFancy Captcha that will introduce you to a new and intuitive way of completing the “verify you are human” task. Instead of writing a Captcha it asks the users to drag and drop specified item into a circle.

Table Drag and Drop JQuery plugin

This plugin allows the users to reorder the rows within a table. You can mark the individual rows as non dragable ad non droppable so that others rows can’t be dropped onto them. Rows are allows to have as many cells as required and these cells can contain form elements.

Interface plugin for jQuery

This plugin is a collection of rich interface components that utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery. With the help of this plugin you can build rich client web applications and interfaces with the same simplicity as writing JavaScript with jQuery.


MapBox is a plugin through which you can create relatively small scale, zoomable and dragable maps with multiple layers of content. This can have a number of applications like games, development plans or any layout that could benefit from being able to zoom in and pan to get a better view.

How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface

This is a tutorial that will teach you how to create a customizable interface with widgets. The end product will be sleek iGoogle like interface which you can use in a number of ways.


Dragscrollable can help you to bulid a similar affect as in Google maps through which you can drag contents of a div acting as a viewport.

jQuery Reel Plugin

This jQuery plugin takes an image tag an makes it a live”projection” of pre-built animation frames sequence. The aim of the plugin is to provide a 360° view of something or someplace. This is an awesome alternative to Flash techniques so it can makes loading of the page much faster.


ppDrag is a Drag and Drop jQuery plugin that focuses on performance and mimics the interface of jQuery UI’s Draggable.