As a designer you can save quite a lot of your time by searching and using freebies available on the web either for inspiration or if it suits your needs, for implementing into your design. With these huge online resources there is fair bit of chance that you will be able to find what you are looking for. The Photoshop brushes, patterns and shapes are the most searched elements and finding the right resources can make the life of a designer a lot more easier. A nice set of Photoshop pattern can make your design that much more attractive and appealing. Here is a collection of some of the newest and inventive patterns that can help you out in your next design project. Most of these files are available in the PAT format which you can easily place in the Photoshop and get going while the others are in the famous file formats like .eps, .ai, .jpg and .png. Let us know of your feedback if you find them helpful.

1. Carbon Fiber

2. Hexagonal Patterns

3. Different Texture

4. Cubix Grad- 7 Patterns

5. Gray Seamless Pattern Set – 3 Patterns

6. Abstract Pattern – 20 Patterns

7. Combo Mumdo Pattern Set- 5 Patterns

8. Free Fabric Photoshop Pattern- 8 Patterns

9. Red And Green Snowflake Vector Pattern- 2 Patterns

10. A Glossy Diamond Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern- 3 Patterns

11. Minimal Patterns 3- 5 Patterns

12. Google Plus One Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern- 1 Patterns

13. 6 Tileable Vector Patterns – 6 Patterns

14. Floral Vector Pattern – 6 Patterns

15. Free Vector Pattern Set – 3 Patterns

16. Spiderman Pattern

17. Patterns from DesignSpice

18. Textured Stripes

19. Tile Patterns

20. Micro Patterns

21. Star Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern- 2 Patterns


23. Assorted- 4 Patterns

24. Abstract Pattern- 16 Patterns

25. Snowflakes Set- 3 Patterns


27. Floral Patterns

28. Handmade Paper Patterns

29. Web 2.0 Pattern Collection

30. Vector Patterns

31. Plaid and Checkered Patterns

32. PS Patterns Pack

33. Spring Fling

34. Stripes Patterns

35. Bourbon Stripes

36. Manga Patterns

37. Micro fiber pattern set

38. Animal Prints Patterns

39. Metal Mesh Patterns

40. Pattern Pack