Web is an organism that is constantly evolving, with modern and innovative websites being build everyday that stretch the boundaries of html in all directions. HTML 4  is in use for more than a decade now and although it has been quite helpful to the publishers its limitations are apparent when it comes to enhancing the functionality of the websites. So the development of a new language HTML 5 was commenced in 2004 to meet the needs of the industry and it will provide the publishers with enhanced capabilities like form controls, APIs, multimedia, structure, and semantics. It is a joint venture of  W3C HTML WG and the WHATWG and many other players of the industry are also contributing to the effort like the four largest browser vendors: Mozilla, Microsoft, Opera and Apple.

The HTML 5 is here to stay and although the programming language is still developing it is already coming with a lot of capabilities. It is fast becoming a favourite of the contemporary designers as it is easy to use and involves a lot less coding. The main reason for the development of the language was to increase the supportive features for the multimedia applications. “Support the future now” this has become the mantra of many websites that are using HTML 5 and proudly show the official logo of the language on their websites.

HTML 5 provides the developers with following benefits

–          They are already familiar with the syntax.

–          It is backwards compatible with the existing browsers.

–          It is user friendly, it’s lenient syntax means that there will be no “Yellow Screen of Death” if an accidental mistake is made.

–          Convenient shorthand syntax allow authors to omit some of the tags and attribute values.

Here are some inspiring examples of the websites using HTML 5


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Rob Edwards

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Joshua Sortino

Bit This


Daniel Scholten


Festival Mundo




Joe Critchley





Nicely Replayed

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The Squad

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