We all know that using beautiful imagery can give a lot of personality to a website. But the biggest hurdle in the path of using large images was that they made the websites a little slower (actually a lot slower). But as the internet speeds around the world have increased many folds in the past 4 or 5 years this obstacle has been removed to the most extent. If you are a keen observer then you must have observed that lately the use of imagery in web design is getting quite popular. And the websites which are incorporating large images in their design actually look quite spectacular. If you know how to properly place an image you can give your design a nice elegant look. Today we have gathered for you a collection of websites both that are using images as huge backgrounds as well as some that are using them just in the header section and as small thumbnails. Hope you will enjoy the collection and it will inspire you to create something spectacular for your next web design.


The Kitchen Community


Joanna Laajisto




The Old Barber Shop


Eleventh Edition

Beg Bicycles


Sheree Hannah

Hiut Denim

Onside Sports Agency

Sweet Basil


Fueld Films

Tiny Factory


Space Box