If we take a good hard look at web designer portfolio websites over the internet, we find that most of the designers are following either of two different trends. One is where a designer really puts his or her heart out and creates an awesome looking, heavy on graphics and with a super code portfolio. While the other is where the designer tries to keep the design minimalist, with the idea that the user’s attention stays on the samples of work rather than on the portfolio itself.

Both of these trends have their pros and cons. The first one will let the visitor know just how capable a designer or programmer you are, but it will take the attention away from the samples of work, showcasing of which is of course the main reason why you are creating a portfolio website. While the second one will let the user pay more attention to the examples of previous work but it will lack the aesthetics that you are capable of creating.

No matter which trend you are keen on following, keep in mind that in the competitive job market of web design your portfolio website is your biggest job hunting tool. So create one that can best sell your skills. Today i am sharing with you the portfolio websites of some of the top web designers out there, and i hope they will inspire you in creating an awesome portfolio for yourself as well.


Leo Tartari


Julien Renvoye

Stephen Caver

Greg Thompson

Aaron Shapiro

Milan Chudoba

Stephen Gacheru


Rui Mollar

Filip Slovacek

Vito Salvatore

Andrew Tebbott

Nick Jones

Alexis Garnier

Benjamin Chirlin

Aleks Faure

Mohiuddin Parekh

Phil Martinez

Ljuk Mynus Kovac