Of all the types of graphic design, i believe that logo design is one of the toughest to master. You need to have a good knowledge of branding, print and digital design if you want to make a name for yourself in this competitive industry. One of the best ways of becoming a good logo designer is to learn from the work of the best logo designers out there.

Today i am sharing with you some cleverly designed logos that if you take a look at are both memorable and recognizable. Another aspect that makes these logos such great examples to look at is that they remain functional at nearly all sizes, ranging from the smallest size for example for a visiting card to largest sizes like that for the hoardings. I am sure that these examples will inspire you in creating some unique and clever logos for your own brand or for your next design project.


Awesome Industries

Flowers for the People

Big Eat

Top Hat

Dmitriev Sommelier

Tokyo Bicycles

Frankenstein Films

Circus of Magazines




Fork & Knife

Handmade Coffee

Message in a Bottle



Maritime Law


Mouse House

The Health Alliance of North California