Web design and development is an always evolving industry. The arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 has revolutionized the way we design and develop our websites in a number of ways. And that is the reason that more and more developers are opting for these two languages. The first advantage of having a HTML5 and CSS3 website is that it is far more user friendly.  Secondly these languages helps you in creating a stylish high class and attractive website. This is the reason that most of the designers and developers in the market prefer using these languages instead of the previous HTML 4.1 and CSS 2.0. Today we are sharing with you some of the most attractive websites created through HTML5 and CSS3.


Ben The Bodyguard


Beercamp 2012

The Wilderness Downtown



Agent 008 Ball

Ghost Horses

Societe Generale


Casey Britt

Adobe – The Expressive Web

Lost Worlds Fair

Air Jordan 2012

Bikes aus Düsseldorf

Toyota Prius Projects

Discover Bagigia

Soleil Noir 2012


lend your leg