Because of the fact that a footer appears at the bottom of the page, most designers don’t really put much effort in making it visually appealing or user friendly. But if your aim is to create a truly unique website and user experience then you should pay attention to each and every detail of it and that includes the footer as well.

A creatively designed footer can leave a long lasting impression on the visitors of your website. Today i will be sharing with you some of the most unique and creative website footers that i have came across lately. These have been chosen from different categories and industries ranging from entertainment to e-commerce and corporate. Hope you will like this showcase and it will help you in creating something for your next website as well.

Twitter Designs


BEC Media

Midnighters Club

Branded 07


Superior Contracting Services



Green Woods Country Club in Winsted


Rainbow walk

Progressive Red

WeNew Media

Grzegorz Kozak

Yuru Inspires

Nuevo Aurich

James Garner

Bristol Archive Records Talisman