After working more than 6 years in the industry of website design, i have come to the conclusion that designing a website that just meets the needs of a client cannot satisfy your own soul. I think most of you will agree that a designer lives through his or her creativity, that is the only fun we have, that’s what makes our job different from the rest of the folks. If you take the creative freedom away from yourself just to satisfy your client then you are actually ruining your own career as you will never become anything more than an average designer. I am not at all saying that giving client’s demands a priority is wrong but what i am saying is that you need to be a little creative and think a little out of the box. Provide him with that something extra , a new idea, a unique design. My experience is that if you do so your client will be far more impressed by your work.

There are a number of elements in a design with which one can play with, navigation being one of them. It is actually one of the most important elements of a design but one that is also the most neglected one. How many websites have you seen which has a navigation that is different than the same old vertical or horizontal format, i can imagine not many. I know a lot of designer that don’t think that paying attention to the navigation of the website is that important, they may be right but if you are a true designer and one who really loves his or her job then you will want to pay attention to the most minor of the details of your design, and navigation is not a minor detail at all. A navigation is the only guide a user has when he arrives on your website and you will need it to be attractive and user friendly so that your users don’t bounce off your homepage.

While most designers don’t pay attention to the navigation of a website there are many who do, and there are quite a few who always love creating something unique for their clients. These are designers who set the trends for the rest of the designing community and they are the ones who should inspire us all. Today we will be sharing with you some great examples of unique style of navigations. As you will see in these examples that they have used a number of ways to make their navigations more exciting and different from the usual. But at the same time they have kept them user friendly so that it serves the real purpose for which they are an essential part of a website, that is guiding the user.



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