A designer can choose one of many ways for making a website unique but one of the easiest ways of doing this is by creating some great illustrated elements for it. These illustrated elements gives a lot of personality to a design, but it’s important that you know how to properly use them. You can decide to use a completely illustrated background, a hand drawn icon or a sketched font, but whatever you use it is vital that you follow the right approach of inserting these elements in your layout. Here we have gathered a collection of 20 great websites where the designers knew exactly what kind of illustrated elements will work for their layout. Hope these examples will inspire and help you in creating a unique website for yourself using illustrated elements.

1.     O3

2.     Trent Waltona

3.     Postable

4.     Aggregift

5.     Sir John a Day

6.     ParaNorman

7.     SoleilNoir

8.     inTacto 10 Years

9. Inspire Conference

10. Spokes

11. UK Energy Consumption Guide

12. Muffi

13. Shape

14. WWF

15. The Great Bearded Reef

16. Boks Quiz

17. The Hybrid4 Graphic Novel

18. These are Things

19. Alex Buga

20. More than Twenty